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Frequently Asked Questions 

Wedding Packages Description & Cost

Every couple with whom I work gets a completely personalized ceremony. I don't do "cookie-cutter" weddings where the officiant just sticks your names into a script and nods at you when it's time to say "I do." My respect for the immense importance of the wedding ceremony will not allow me to do that.

Even if you are doing an elopement ceremony with less than a week to plan, I'd love to meet with you and hear your story and find the right words and images to make your wedding a meaningful and memorable experience.

I want to honor who you are and what this relationship means to you and the unfolding of your life story. I take my ministry very seriously and want to be a good companion to you both during the days leading up to this immensely important event in your lives and for all the years that follow.

All of my work with couples can be done in person or by phone, depending on your location. I've worked long-distance and even internationally when one member of the couple was deployed or working overseas. If you are living in southern California I will try to find a way to meet with you in person.


I understand that all couples have unique needs, visions, timelines and access to resources. If you would like to work with me but don't see a "pre-packaged" set of services that meets your needs, please feel free to ask. I am friendly and flexible!


#1 - Preferred Wedding Package

This package is an excellent choice if you are on a more restricted budget but want all the core services for a beautiful, personalized wedding. It includes the initial call, the long Brainstorming Session, the back-and-forth emails and any phone calls along the way. It includes a walk-through on the day of the ceremony one hour before the scheduled service - which is useful for musicians, photographers, relatives and the wedding party - so everything is in short-term memory! It covers the officiating of the ceremony and the paperwork afterwards.

$500 plus travel - Depending upon my schedule I may be available for a formal rehearsal for an additional fee of $250 plus travel. 

#2 - Silver Wedding Package

This package includes a formal rehearsal in addition to the initial 30-minute introductory session, the long brainstorming session, the ceremony creation, all communications leading up to the ceremony, preparing and sharing the ceremony script with the other wedding vendors that you specify (usually the wedding planner, the musicians of DJ, and sometimes the photographer), officiating the ceremony, and doing the paperwork afterwards. 

$750 plus travel

#3 - Gold Wedding Package

This package offers you everything you might need or want to be completely supported in your journey towards your wedding. It includes the initial call, the long Brainstorming Session and all the back-and-forth emails or calls as we shape the ceremony script, and a final meeting in the weeks just prior to the wedding.  It also includes pre-marital counseling - either using the Prepare-Enrich format, or the soul-based counseling I offer. It includes a formal rehearsal and full collaboration with your other wedding professionals. Of course, it includes my officiating the ceremony and doing the paperwork afterwards. If you'd like me to offer a blessing or grace at the rehearsal dinner or the reception, I'm happy to do so.

$1000 plus travel (and accommodations where required) 

#4 - Elopements

This offer is exclusively for couples who want a quiet, private ceremony without the fuss. Sometimes it is just the two of you; sometimes there are a few family members or close friends to serve as witnesses. (I consider anything un-catered and with up to twenty guests to qualify as an elopement.) I give the same care to the creation of the elopement ceremony as I do for any other wedding, so the package includes our Brainstorming Session. No formal rehearsal is necessary; I arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled time to have a final walkthrough before officiating the ceremony. 

$350 plus travel  - [Special Offer: If either one of you is in active military duty I offer $100 off the elopement fee.]


#5 - Renewal of Vows

Most Renewal of Vows ceremonies are intimate occasions for couples and their close friends, and sometimes children. If you remember readings from your original wedding that are still meaningful for you, it is lovely to include them at this time. I always encourage couples to consider crafting their own vows, or amending the vows they took at the start of their marriage, to reflect what they have learned and where they are now going in this love. If you eloped the first time around, this might be a wonderful opportunity to include those special people who did not get to witness your union then. There are beautiful readings that express a more mature love which I'd be happy to share with you when we discuss your ceremony.

$350 plus travel (and accommodations where required)

#6 - Ceremony Creation

There have been several occasions where a couple has requested that I collaborate with them on the creation of the ceremony even when I will not be officiating it. This happened once with a couple in Canada (where I am not authorized to officiate) and with couples who had a family member who was a member of the clergy and had offered to do the ceremony for them. They were able to work with me on the ceremony script, crafting a rich, deeply personal ritual, which they then handed over to the person who was officiating. We work in person or by phone and I deliver a complete script for you to work from.


#7 - Christenings and Other Ceremonies

Many Americans are no longer affiliated with a formal religion and so do not have access to the "rites of passage" that are so important for giving us the sense of being part of a wider community of support and accountability. Because of this I like to encourage couples to do ceremonies to welcome a new child into the family and community. It is a gift to you, to your family and friends who now feel more connected, and to your child! I have created many such ceremonies for families where we honor traditions and celebrate the joy of new generation.  ~ ~ ~ I also create rituals for Coming of Age (secular version of a Bar Mitzvah), for House Blessings, for Memorials, and for all significant life transitions.

$350 plus travel

#8 - Counseling

Finding someone to speak with about the deep longings, pain, and aspirations of the heart and soul can be challenging. This art of pemarital counseling or soul-companioning is one I hold as a treasured and sacred task. If you are facing issues surrounding your upcoming wedding, or have issues that appear to be standing in the way of a happy marriage, I am ready and able to assist you.

My three graduate degrees in ministry and religion all included courses and practicums in various forms of pastoral counseling. I have been a member of Spiritual Directors International for many years and have been trained and certified in a variety of counseling skill-sets during my 25 years of ministry. 

$75 per session (by phone or in person)   Please click this link to learn more about Counseling and Spiritual Guidance.

What's Next?

If you are interested in booking me to be your wedding minister, to work with me on the creation of your ceremony, or to come in for premarital counseling or other spiritual or relationship guidance, please contact me so we can set up a time to talk by phone and get answered any other questions that you may have.