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Frequently Asked Questions 

Wedding Package Description & Cost

Your wedding is the first public event that sets the “culture” that you and your partner are creating for your lifetime. That is why the ceremony is so important. It should reflect who you really are - not somebody else’s idea of who you should be - or some outdated artifact that you don’t even agree with. Giving conscious consideration to the words and images that form the content of your ceremony is a central task for every new couple - and something that will be remembered for years to come.

That’s why every couple with whom I work gets a completely personalized ceremony. There is no script that you fit into; I create a script that fits around you! Everything else about your wedding is being tailored made, shouldn’t the ceremony also be just the right fit for you?

My Preferred Wedding Package

My preferred wedding package includes two meetings prior to the ceremony; the first is devoted to your own relationship goals and the aesthetic and cultural foundations that the ceremony should reflect*; the second meeting is focused on the ceremony itself and leads directly to our first, rough draft. Additional emails and phone calls help to revise and refine the script until it meets all of your expectations.

The package is all-inclusive, not based on hours, so you won’t incur any unexpected fees along the way in the event that it takes us longer to get the ceremony just right!

In addition to the premarital counseling (first meeting) and the ceremony brainstorming session (second meeting), the Preferred Package includes a formal rehearsal on your chosen day, the ceremony creation, all communications leading up to the ceremony, preparing and sharing the ceremony script with the other wedding vendors that you specify (usually the wedding planner, the musicians or DJ, and sometimes the photographer), arriving early the day of the ceremony to oversee set-up of the ceremony space, and officiating the ceremony. If you'd like me to offer a blessing or grace at the rehearsal dinner or the reception, I'm happy to do so. Of course, it also covers my doing the paperwork afterwards, and a follow-up counseling session anytime you request it.

Preferred Package: $1000 plus travel (and accommodations if required for out-of-town venues)

Preferred Package without the formal rehearsal: $750 plus travel and accommodations if required (If you have no wedding party - bridesmaids or groomsmen, etc. - and there is no complicated processional or ceremony choreography, I am happy to offer a lower fee that includes everything in the Preferred Package except the rehearsal. I will still come early on the day of the ceremony to do a walk-through for the couple if desired.)

*At the first meeting I recommend a premarital counseling questionnaire called Prepare-Enrich which I have used for over a decade. If that is too formal for your taste, we can approach the questions in a more conversational manner. I’ll be happy to give you additional details when we speak - or click here to read more about these forms of counseling right away.

Elopements & Renewal of Vows

There are some occasions which require a bit less preparation on my part and I am happy to work with you on your elopement or a ceremony celebrating a special marriage anniversary or renewal of vows. These ceremonies are characterized as intimate occasions for couples and their closest friends or family and do not require a formal rehearsal.

The Elopement

An elopement is no less sacred than a big wedding but it appeals to couples who don’t want the exposure (or expense) of the big party atmosphere. I work with eloping couples in the same way that I work with any other couple in that I require at least one meeting prior to the wedding so that we can collaborate on the ceremony together. The only difference is that there is no rehearsal and I don’t spend the time working with multiple wedding vendors, since it is such a small affair.

The Renewal of Vows

10… 25… 50 years into a marriage is a wonderful moment to pause and renew your commitment to the path. If you remember readings from your original wedding that are still meaningful for you, it is lovely to include them at this time. I always encourage couples to consider crafting their own vows, or amending the vows they took at the start of their marriage, to reflect what they have learned and where they are now going in this love.

If you eloped the first time around, this might be a wonderful opportunity to include those special people who did not get to witness your union then. There are beautiful readings that express a more mature love which I'd be happy to share with you when we discuss your ceremony. I can also create a lovely printed certificate with your names and the date and a verse from your ceremony as a commemoration of the day.

Elopements & Renewal of Vows: $500 plus travel (and accommodations where required for out-of-town venues)


Finding someone to speak with about the deep longings, pain, and aspirations of the heart and soul can be challenging. This art of premarital counseling or soul-companioning is one I hold as a treasured and sacred task. If you are facing issues surrounding your upcoming wedding, or have issues that appear to be standing in the way of a happy marriage, I am ready and able to assist you.

For many years I have used an excellent program called Prepare-Enrich as a starting point for premarital counseling. It consists of a very-well researched questionnaire that each partner responds to privately and then I share the results and the helpful recommendations based on your answers during our counseling session. However, we can also approach things less formally according to your desires.

My three graduate degrees in ministry and religion all included courses and practicums in various forms of pastoral counseling. I have been a member of Spiritual Directors International for many years and have been trained and certified in a variety of counseling skill-sets during my 25 years of ministry. 

$125 for 2-hour couples session (by phone or in person)

$75 for 1-hour individual session (by phone or in person)  

What's Next?

If you are interested in booking me to be your wedding minister, to work with me on the creation of your ceremony, or to come in for premarital counseling or other spiritual or relationship guidance, please contact me so we can set up a time to talk by phone and get answered any other questions that you may have.