Happy Valentines day to all Lovers, from Rev. Rebecca



Whether you are getting married at the beach or in a grand hotel or a small chapel, Rev. Rebecca can work with you to create the ceremony of your dreams. Weave interesting details into the ceremony that speak to your heritage as well as to your future. Bring in family and friends to be meaningful participants. Create an experience that will inspire everyone.



Dreaming of a beach wedding with the Pacific Ocean as your backdrop? I've done hundreds of beach weddings around the country and can suggest all sorts of readings and rituals to complement the drama of that landscape and its beautiful promise of forever. Having Nature as your "temple" speaks to the power of creation as a foundation for human love.


Renewal of Vows

Is that big anniversary coming up? Whether it's 10 or 20 or 50 - or any number in-between -  the chance to return to the origin of your affections and re-commit yourselves to the vision of a shared life is an opportunity you should seize. The focus on relationship helps to anchor lives pulled in so many directions, and remind you and those around you, that Love is at the center.


Mindful Marriage Mapping

Did you know that just 8 hours of relationship education - whether it's premarital counseling or later in life - can have a huge impact on the happiness and longevity of your marriage? Research suggests that this small investment in time and money can boost your chances by 70%. Want to learn more? Just ask for my article that looks at the research and describes the approach I take to this important ingredient for the good life.